Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The beauty of Ingolstadt.

The beauty of Ingolstadt.

It was Autumn 2015 when i first took these photos. I loved how the light fell over the trees and how the colours were ultra powerful in my eyes. Most of them are near in my neighborhood and the last four near to Ingolstadt centre. I was very lucky that day that i decided to take the pictures cause as anybody can see it's exactly a really good perspective of the beauty of Ingolstadt. Normally the weather here is almost -most of the time- rainy and there is a lot of humidity. And exactly right now that i'm writing this, it's raining and it's a little bit windy sooooo...
Anyway. Since i came here, i wanted for a long time now to post those photos all together. I wanted to dedicate them t the city which is hosting for more than 1 year now. And of course i wanted to show to you guys that there is beauty everywhere.

Till then, bye x


  1. Τέλειες λήψεις, εντάξει!!!

    1. Ευχαριστώ πολύ Νικόλα μου! :)