Friday, February 17, 2017

New Me

                  and here we are again...

SO! Hi again! Long time no see huh? True...But here i am back again ready to start writing a HUGE text about the years that passed and i haven't given any sign.

After almost 2 and a half years after i finished my school, i decided to come to Germany and work as Aupair. To be honest i haven't heard anything like that before.. (what is Aupair?). In Greece it's not even known such kind of things. SO! 

Before i go to Germany i went to visit one of my good friends in Holland and then i had to go direct from Holland to Germany (and especially to Ingolstadt). Actually it was the first time in my whole life that i had to travel alone -by bus- from an other country to an other. The whole 12 hours that i lasted i was wondering "What am i going to do?" "Why am i living the nice confort life with my parents?","How can i make it till the end?".. So many question were surrounding my small mind.

Anyway, i made it! that's the important thing, right?

Oh my nature, it was so weird when i first saw my hostfamily. I was the personification of nervousness. You can't even imagine. I tried to calm down and said to myself that i am here and i have to do it my best and make it till the end. Τhe beginning is always difficult, the same happened to me. As the timed -slowly- rolled , I got used to it. The different culture, the people, th work with 3 (yes) kids and of course the frequent bad weather etc..

So my Aupair year stopped in September 2016 (it doesn't matter). This whole year was for me , the experience of growing up. As an adult. I changed. I got responsible for myself and made decisions that sometimes i regreted them. But that's life, i learned from that. I learned how to stay with another family in one house and be part of it. 
But of course there were bad moments too.
Many times i cried missing my parents, my whole family in Greece that i left behind. Sometimes i didn't know how to handle the kids while they were crying and screaming. But in this case i was very lucky too! My hostmother helped to slide and be part of the family and make the kids to respect me as the big sister who takes care of them. Yup, i was lucky!

Also during this year i realised to stand by me and who let it me. Many "friends" that i used to have , are not anymore part of my life. I got know more people here and i am more excited to have such a good friendship with them! The true firends stayed and supported me so well as my parents did. And with that i want to say a big THANK YOU for being part of my life and for being always by my side! 

2017! WOW! The last year passed with netro! It couldn't be faster! And here i am! A different -same- Eleana writing again her blog.! yoohoo, i am really excited!!
I practised a little bit my photography skills so far and that's why i decided to post here again! May i have to change again my whole page design but let's start with that.


P.S. Fav song of the year goes to my anthem ! Peace.

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