Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time with confusing feelings.

This is my perfect moment to take photos! Blue "free" sky without clouds with the smell of the coming summer is my favourite moment that i always want to keep in my mind... Friends,music,happy times,food, jokes, all of these remind me the summer that every teenager wants to come as soon as possible...! Maybe i'll stop for a while posting new photos because in 20 days (not for sure) i'm starting the difficult final exams. Here in Greece we call them "Panellinies" and those exams make kids to feel so stressed cause my people tell them that is their only chance to go to a university. Big mistake of our country. Anyway i know that i have to study a lot for these exams but i stole some of my free time to take some photos. So i hope to have a good time and WISH ME LUCK! (i need it now)

Kissezz from me xx

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  1. love this!!!